Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash Pros And Cons

When thinking about home projects, you should consider going for glass mosaic tile backsplash tasks. They come in a wide range of colors. Glass mosaic tiles are known for being smaller tiles than the regular ones. They are typically 1 inch or 2 in size, and they are sold in a wide variety of colors and styles. They are used as backsplash. The best part is that they can actually protect the entire wall surface that is currently in danger of severe damage due to proximity with splashing water coming from a specific sink or even from oil that leaks from a cooking surface.

Yet, because of the small glass mosaic tiles size, several manufacturers provide glass mosaic tile backsplash totally grouped on some sheets of paper. They are held in uniform and nice lines by a simple-light adhesive. Thanks to these sheets, when installing the tiles you won´t experience much trouble. It pretty much follows the same exact process that used when it comes to installing huge types of tiles, with a basic mortar application onto the desired wall and then the mounting of the tiles that are sheeted onto the respective mortar. You have to follow few glass mosaic tile backsplash project steps:

Begin by washing the wall right where you will be installing the glass mosaic tile backsplash. You can use a pH neutral soap so you can get rid of dirt or any existing debris, get a scrub brush. Proceed to remove any cleanser residues with a single sponge that can be dampened with some water. Then, allow a few minutes and wait for the chosen wall to completely dry before moving onto the next step. You will have to mark a detailed guideline across the area where you desire to place the glass mosaic tile backsplash. You will be able to see through it so be precise. Use a piece of chalk so you can erase it easily. Mixing a batch of thin set is always advised. Use a large bucket, and add water into the mix so you can reach a good consistency.

You have to roll the glass mosaic tile backsplash into the mortar, consider using your chalk detailed guideline so you can properly position the tiles. Make sure that the paper that is on the front tiles are facing away from your wall as rolling the glass mosaic tile backsplash into the right place. Then, place the new rolls in a good way they must be spaced correctly considering the same exact distance between each individual tile row away from the attached tiles so you can maintain a uniform and delicate spacing. Finish by cutting any excess of tiles from each row, you can use the utility knife.

Fill each joint between the glass mosaic tile backsplash with some grout by placing layers of grout right onto the surface and then pushing the grout with a nice float. You need to fill all the joints, but don’t do this in those moisture productivity areas like sinks.

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